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Larry Braden

A premature birth during the Christmas season of 1981, Larry Braden Manuel was immediately identified as a miracle child. Heart monitors and respiration assistance were a constant part of Larry's first year. Perhaps the required stillness allowed for the artist within him to emerge.

Later, in his young life an accident caused an extremely introverted, quiet little boy to spend his first year of school in a body cast. No doubt the young artist continued to grow during yet another "still" time.

As a young child, Larry would spend hours carving bars of soap and playing with clay at the feet of his father David Manuel in David's library.

As an adolescent, Larry was drawn to the procedure of sculpture and lost wax casting. Larry was a key player in the coordination and building of two bronze foundries with his family. This experience opened great opportunities to expand his skills. Having the personal understanding and experience in each step of the "hands on" procedure, while overseeing the bronze casting of David Manuel. Naturally it was just a matter of time until Larry moved into the world of his own bronze sculpting.

Today, the young man who learned how to be still as a child is a strong gentle leader of his entire family. Perhaps his stillness is one of his most important attributes. Psalm 46:10

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Larry Braden Manuel - Sculptures