Welcome to the Hot Lake Springs!

Once a thriving town, Hot Lake Springs fell into ruin after a fire destroyed half of the building in 1934. Several owners tried to restore the property over the years but failed to gain community support and none were successful. The building was abandoned, looted, and ready to fall in on itself. The Manuel family began restoring Hot Lake Springs in 2003. After 16 years of restoration, Hot Lake Springs is prepared for a new level for its visitors.

Whether you are looking for wildlife, history, hot water, B & B or taking some time out from the rat race, Hot Lake Springs has something for every one.

The building stays quite comfortable, outside temperatures seldom cause an issue. The historic center portion of our building has air conditioning on all three floors. We keep doors open for a nice cross breeze and have fans and ceiling fans in our guest rooms. The building stays quite comfortable with the exception of the extreme heat or the extreme cold. We have lift chairs going into the history center for those that find stairs difficult.

We offer both cool and hot water, and both B & B visitors and Day visitors are welcome.

We sit on the Oregon Trail, and look forward to sharing a big part of Oregon's history with you.

Contact & Directions

Hot Lake Springs is located 8 minutes from La Grande along Highway 203 to Union.

Coming along I-84, take exit 265.
After exiting the freeway, turn right towards Union. Hot Lake Springs is 5 minutes away on your right-hand side. Follow the steam!

Traveling from Wallowa or Tolgate: Coming into La Grande along Hwy 204, stay straight on McAlister until it crosses Hwy 203 at the Flying J. Turn left onto Hwy 203; stay straight 6 minutes.

Hot Lake Springs
66172 Hwy 203
P.O. Box 1043
La Grande, OR 97850

Ph: (541) 963-4685
Fax: (541) 963-4876

All gift certificates and/or reschedules must be redeemed before 3/1/20

For general inquiries: bb@hotlakesprings.com
For a prompt response, please call.

For Bed & Breakfast questions: bb@hotlakesprings.com
Reservations can only be taken by phone.

For inquiries about groups or events: bb@hotlakesprings.com

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